This month we have some great events coming up as well as some amazing titles to look out for.• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


6/20 at 7pm at the BookHouse: Book House Book Group will meet to discuss The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt

6/29 at 7pm at Market Block Books for Troy Night Out: Brian Steel Wills will sign George Henry Thomas: As True as Steel 

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There are quite a number of books being released this month and not enough time or space to talk about all of them. I’ve narrowed it down to a manageable level and now give you some of the highlights for the month.


The Chaperone by Laura Moriarty: Fifteen year old Louise Brooks has big dreams of becoming a movie star. She travels to New York with her chaperone, Cora Carlisle, to see if she can make it in the silent film era. Louise is full of life and the rigid and unyielding Cora tries to rein her in, with little success. This beautiful novel about the problems of getting one’s American dream is both relatable and touching.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn: “Told from alternating perspectives of Amy and Nick whose marriage is falling apart in small town Missouri, this is first a story of perfect young love in Manhattan, followed by its slow disintegration after both partners lose their jobs and move to Nick’s hometown to help his family through his mother’s terminal illness. When Amy disappears, the question becomes: who is innocent and who is guilty? Slowly, each spouse’s lies and deceptions are laid bare until the real foundation of their relationship is revealed. A tale reminiscent of Scott Turow, with a veneer of crazy all its own!” -Susan Taylor

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It Worked for Me: In Life and Leadership by Colin Powell with Tony Koltz: A collection of lessons and personal anecdotes that have shaped the four-star general and former Secretary of State’s legendary career in public service. At its heart are “13 Rules,” notes he accumulated in his career that are now the basis for his leadership presentations. As one of America’s most widely admired public figures, Colin Powell has seen the hard work and dedication it has taken to rise to the top. In this beautifully written book, Powell delves into the experiences that shaped him; the decisions that had an impact on his life. He gives advice on how to succeed and how failures can only make you stronger. This could be a great gift for any graduate!

Too Much Magic: Wishful Thinking, Technology, and the Fate of the Nation by James Howard Kunstler: This local author will get you thinking about America’s place in the future. As the follow up to his successful The Long Emergency, this book will have you reevaluating how you view technology and the fate of the nation. “Kunstler sees in the bright visions of a future world dreamed up by overly optimistic souls who believe technology will solve all our problems. Their visions remind him of the flying cars and robot maids that were the dominant images of the future in the 1950s. Kunstler also offers concrete ideas as to how we can help ourselves adjust to a society where the oil tap is running dry. With vision, clarity of thought, and a pragmatic worldview, Kunstler argues that the time for magical thinking and hoping for miracles is over and that the time to begin preparing for the long emergency has begun.”

Cronkite by Douglas Brinkley: “The 20th century’s most revered journalist was a remarkably private man. Based on unprecedented access to Cronkite’s private papers as well as interviews with his family and friends, Brinkley now brings this American icon into focus a never before.”

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Rapture: Book 4 in the Fallen Series by Lauren Kate: Kate wraps up the Fallen series in this stunning conclusion to one of the best Young Adult love stories ever written. Luce and Daniel have loved each other since the dawn of humanity, but to break the curse that haunts them they must look back before stepping forward. After glimpsing her past selves, Luce realizes that the love she and Daniel share is eternal and can never be diminished, not even by the cunning Lucifer. But can Luce and Daniel acknowledge their truths and move forward before it all comes crashing down on them?

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Don’t Forget, God Bless Our Troops by Jill Biden: “Inspired by her own granddaughter Natalie, Vice President Joe Biden’s wife, Jill, tells a story through a child’s eyes of what family life is like when a parent is at war across the world. When her father leaves for a year of being at war, Natalie knows that she will miss him. Natalie is proud of her father, but there is nothing to stop her from wishing he was home. Some things do help her feel better. Natalie works with her Nana to send her dad and the other service men and women cookies and treats they have made. Natalie, her mom, and her brother can see and talk to Dad over the computer and the kindness of friends at school and at church help her feel supported and loved. But there is nothing like the day when her Dad comes home at last.”

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July will, hopefully, bring some better weather and with that weather comes Waldo to Troy- Where’s Waldo? In Troy, NY, of course!
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June Newsletter: Part1

Greetings book lovers! This month there’s just too much to talk about, so I’m going to split the newsletter into two parts. I’ve got some great recommendations for upcoming titles in the next installment, so watch your in-boxes closely. For now I wanted to let everyone in on some new opportunities the staff have been cooking up just for you.

“High Tea … Hot New Titles” – Hosted by Stanley @ Market Block Books
June 25 4pm-5pm

Come join Stanley the last Saturday of the month (June 25th) from 4 to 5. Enjoy an afternoon book discussion of what’s new in the world of books and what’s coming up for the Fall of 2011. What surprises are awaiting us? Are your favorite authors coming out with anything new? Will that series you’ve been reading finally come to a worthy conclusion? And yes, there will be tea and maybe even crumpets!!! (Of course, there will be cookbooks to talk about as well!) This free gathering is open to all but we’d appreciate a heads up if you’re planning to attend. Please let us know if you’re interested by emailing us at books@marketblockbooks.com, and putting “Attention Stanley” in the subject line. Of course you can also call the store for more information at 518.328.0045.

eBook Workshop – Hosted by Kurtis @ Market Block Books and The Book House
Date and Time TBD

Join Kurtis (your humble newsletter author) for a free workshop to learn just how easy it can be to enjoy eBooks AND support you local bookstores. We know times are changing, but we want everyone to know that we’ve made it easy for our customers to enjoy great Book House / Market Block service for their e-reading devices as well as all of their tradition book needs. Bring your eReader (SORRY – NO KINDLES) to the store for help setting up an online account with us to download books from our website. I will try to answer any questions or concerns you may have with our eBook services or give you my opinions on what reader you may want to purchase.

Dates and times for these workshops haven’t been decided on just yet, but feel free to email me at kurt@marketblockbooks.com if you’re interested. Please put “Workshop” in the subject line. As I mentioned above please refrain from bringing Kindles, as they are incompatible with independent bookstores such as ours.

June Book Club Meeting – Hosted by Susan Taylor @ The Book House

Susan would like to know when folks are interested in scheduling the June meeting. The choices are June 8th or June 15th. Please let her know via email at smt@bhny.com.

Pitchapalooza Workshop – @ The Troy Bookmakers

Did you attend Pitchapalooza? Well there’s going to be a follow up workshop June 11 in Troy. This step-by-step, soup-to-nuts workshop will remove the smoke and mirrors from the murky world of publishing and give writers a compass and map to a successfully published book. Topics covered include:

•    Choosing the right idea
•    Creating a blockbuster title
•    Crafting an attention-getting pitch
•    Putting together a selling proposal/manuscript
•    Finding the right agent/publisher
•    Self-publishing effectively with ebooks, print-on-demand or traditional printing
•    Developing sales, marketing and publicity savvy
•    Producing a video book trailer and helping it go viral
•    Building a following through social media

Tickets are $100 if purchased in advance, $125 the day of the event. Please visit http://www.thebookdoctors.com/ for more information. Advance tickets may be purchased at The Book House in Albany or Market Block Books in Troy.